• Establishing an Arab Modern Visual Culture in Hilmi al-Tuni’s illustrations and Abdulkader Arnaout’s Typographic Work

    Yasmine Nachabe Taan

    Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture & Design at the Lebanese American University, will discuss the breadth and depth in Hilmi al-Tuni’s illustrations and Abdulkader Arnaout’s typographic work. She will first highlight Arnaout’s contribution to the development of a rich repertoire of Arabic typographic styles., and then discuss al-Tuni’s contribution to the development of a particular visual style reflective of an Egyptian popular culture. Both Arnaout and al-Tuni’s artwork had a great impact on the generation of artists and designers in Egypt, Syria and abroad.

    April 4 at 6:30 | Schapiro 129

  • How Do You Say Blackface in French?: Translating and Anchoring the Black Experience in the Hexagon

    Mame Fatou Niang

    This talk, by Mame-Fatou Niang, seeks to define the contours of the Black presence in 'colorblind' France, by specifically addressing the language barrier currently keeping key notions outside of French public discourse. From the normalized use of American-English words and concepts, to the reticence to anchor Blackness in the French language, to the lack of recognition of the nation’s ties to slavery and colonialism, France has developed a culture that firmly cultivates the belief that anti-Black sentiments and racism only affect other societies. The untold story of French slavery and colonialism, as well as the powerful race-blind ideology tremendously effects the country's ability to acknowledge that racial exclusion and oppression are a lived reality for racial minorities. In front of France's peculiar desire to remain silent about race, this lecture seeks to reinscribe the Afro-French experience into the country's language and history.

    April 10, 6:30pm | Griffin 3

  • Tolstoy, Incest, and the Russian Novel

    Anna Berman

    The talk will explore the issue of incest in Leo Tolstoy's novels in the broader context of the family, marriage, and law in 19th-century Russia.

    April 16, 4:15 – 5:15pm | Hollander 241

  • Graphic reportage: a history and particularities of the genre in Russia

    Graphic reportage: a history and particularities of the genre in Russia

    Russian graphic artist, activist, and journalist Victoria Lomasko will discuss the genres of "documentary comics" and "graphic reportage" by addressing the history of the genres and their development in Russia, how graphic stories can be used in social activism, journalistic aspects of graphic art, and the principles for combining verbal and visual elements.

    April 26, 4:15 | Schapiro 129
    Reception to follow talk

    April 26 – May 11 | Other Russias
    Schapiro Hallway