• Power / frauen: Women and Power: German & Austrian film festival 2018

    Power / frauen 2018

    September 17, 24 and Oct. 1, 7 PM @ Images Cinema - Free Admission
    ❍ All films in German with English subtitles.

    September 17
    Licht / Mademoiselle Paradis (2017) by Barbara Albert

    September 24
    Toni Erdmann (2015) by Maren Ade

    October 1
    Hannah Arendt (2012) by Margarethe v. Trotta

  • Remembering the Great War

    Remembering the Great War

    Remembrance and Forgetting: The Great War in France
    Susan McCready, University of Southern Alabama
    October 10, Griffin 3, 6 PM

    German Society and Politics during the First Total War, 1914 - 1918
    Raffael Scheck, Colby College
    October 23, Griffin 3, 6:30 PM

  • Be Natural: Linguistic Practices of Japanese Transgender Speakers

    Hideko Abe

    Hideko Abe, Professor of East Asian Studies at Colby College, is a leading researcher on Japanese lesbian and gay speech. Her research has provided comprehensive characteristics of the linguistic strategies employed by Japanese sexual minorities. She will present her latest research on Japanese transgender speakers. She is author of Queer Japanese: Gender and Sexual Identities through Linguistic Practices and is co-author of forthcoming Learning Japanese through Real Conversation.

    Monday, October 22nd, 2018 @ 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm