• Race, Gender, and Political Dissent: Latin American & Caribbean Film Today

    Santa & Andres (The Movie)

    The first Williams Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival, organized by the Department of Romance Languages, begins on April 2 with Santa y Andrés by Carlos Lechuga (2016). The film relates the improbable friendship between a revolutionary country girl and a noncompliant gay writer she has to watch over for three consecutive days. It was censored in Cuba by ministerial decision but has flourished on the international film festival circuit.

    The festival will continue on April 16 with La Soledad/ The Solitude by Jorge Thielen Armand (2016, Venezuela) and on April 23 with Carpinteros / Woodpeckers by José María Cabral (2017, Dominican Republic). These are compelling and provocative tales of survival, resistance, determination, and transgression, some of them inspired by real events.

    All films to be shown at Images Cinema at 7 PM - All movies are in Spanish with English subtitles. Free admission and open to the public.

  • A Tale of the Cold War from the Other Side

    Jeff Lilley, ’86, will speak about how his education at Williams helped to put him on track to be an international correspondent in Russia at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union and make writing an essential part of his professional life. He will tell the story behind the writing of his latest book Have the Mountains Fallen: Two Journeys of Loss and Redemption in the Cold War, which has roots in his first posting in Central Asia. The book follows the lives of a writer and a broadcaster from Soviet Kirgizia who fought against Soviet authoritarianism with words not weapons. It's a story of the Cold War from the “other side.”

    April 24, 4.15 pm | Schapiro 129

  • Graphic reportage: a history and particularities of the genre in Russia

    Graphic reportage: a history and particularities of the genre in Russia

    Russian graphic artist, activist, and journalist Victoria Lomasko will discuss the genres of "documentary comics" and "graphic reportage" by addressing the history of the genres and their development in Russia, how graphic stories can be used in social activism, journalistic aspects of graphic art, and the principles for combining verbal and visual elements.

    April 26, 4:15 | Schapiro 129
    Reception to follow talk

    April 26 – May 11 | Other Russias
    Schapiro Hallway