• Chronicles of Calais Jungle, an introduction to the European refugee crisis and the role of citizen solidarity

    Yasmin Bouagga

    What is the refugee crisis in Europe? Yasmine Bouagga, socio-anthropologist, entered Calais Jungle with the cartoonist Lisa Mandel, and investigated how an informal refugee camp developed on the European territory, at the border between France and UK: discovering who are these refugees, who are the volunteers helping them and why the French government did not develop facilities to avoid the humanitarian crisis. The chronicles untangle the multiple aspects of what became a landmark event in the history of Europe.

    Thursday, November 2 at 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm | Griffin Hall, 3

    * Sponsored by Arabic Studies, Global Studies, and Political Science.

  • ‘Die neue Frau on April Fools’: Photography, Photomontage, and the Rhetoric of Objectivity in the Weimar Illustrierten

    Die neue Frau on April Fools

    Each April 1st in Weimar Germany, the popular glossy German tabloids known as Illustrierte published a series of mischievous April fool jokes. In this annual game of discerning the real news from the fake, prominent magazines tricked readers unable or unwilling to exercise their critical faculties by interspersing manipulated photographs amid the familiar array of advertisements, serialized novels, puzzles, and articles of the Illustrierten. Often critiqued as manipulating their naïve readers, the magazines’ use of fake photographs and the mixed message of their satirical sight gags astutely comment on the notion that “the camera does not lie.” Their interweaving with serious photojournalism pieces complicates the arguments of critics that the Illustrierten were exclusively naïve purveyors of distraction. Far from being trivial, April fool jokes reflect and refract the obsessions of Weimar popular culture with such modern themes as the proliferation of mass entertainment, changes in gender identity, and the emergence of the media figure of the New Woman.

    November 9 at 4:15 PM | 241 Hollander Hall

    * Sponsored by Department of German and Russian, History, and Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures