Alexia Barandiaran ’19 explores French ballet history in and out of her ballet shoes

Alexia BarandiaranI adored Mme. Legrée’s class. She was not as keen on smaller details and spoke a lot about her stylistic preferences. She also made sure that dance was good for our body. During my first class with her, she stopped the class to correct someone’s arabesque because their back was too squared. She asked why they would do that and half the class responded that they thought that was the goal. She was shocked and yelled “mais non! La danse est naturelle. Rien ne devrait être abnormal pour ton corps sauf la première position.” Mme. Legrée also corrected me on stylistic things, particularly on how I do my pirouettes. With her class and Mr. David’s, I deduced that the purpose of the French style was to be as flowing as possible, particularly with their use of the arm. In plie, one changes the arm more than in other techniques. For pirouettes, Mme. Legrée would ask me to “wind up” in order to continue the movement. I made the same deduction in Mme. Kamionka’s course.

Alexia Barandiaran Friedberg Spring 2018 Final Report

Alexia studied at the Sweet Briar College Junior Year in Paris.