Application for Marguerite W. Friedberg Memorial Travel Fellowship

The Marguerite W. Friedberg Memorial Travel Fellowship provides up to $1500 for research-related travel in continental France. The Fellowship seeks to support students who wish to undertake research or creative work that is inspired by a desire to delve more deeply into a French-related subject and/or that is linked to future thesis work. The fellowship may be undertaken in connection with a Winter Study 99 course. It may also be undertaken in connection with study abroad in Europe, but the travel must be supplementary to any travel or excursions included in an organized study abroad program. The fellowship may not be applied to either the charges of a study abroad program or the costs of any travel in France that is part of a study abroad program.

Students will be required to write a 3-page report to the donor upon their return.

Applications are accepted twice a year: the next deadline is October 15, 2018. Students must submit a 1-page project proposal, a preliminary budget, an official copy of their Williams transcript and one confidential letter of recommendation from a professor who is familiar with the proposed project and can speak to its merits.

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