The Cologne Carnival at Williams

Alaaf! On November 18th, the German Department and its students celebrated the start of the Cologne Carnival. For this purpose, the TAs of the department prepared small boxes of Kamelle (German and Austrian sweets) for the students. These were packed as a surprise and distributed or sent to the students on campus as well as to the remote students. Unboxing was then done at a fixed time via Zoom.

Carnival, also known as the 5th season, is a Cologne tradition that is primarily celebrated in the Rhineland. On November 11th, at 11:11:11, the Feast of Fools begins and lasts until the Ash Wednesday in February. In the last week of carnival, people dress up in colorful costumes, celebrate loudly and some of the carnivalists throw lots of Kamelle into the crowd from elaborately decorated parade wagons. In this sense, the German Department wishes you a foolishly happy carnival time!