Vatican Museum

The study of Italian in the target language encourages students to gain a deep appreciation of the language, culture and literature through active participation and meaningful experience with the culture on its own terms. Italian courses at Williams are therefore conducted exclusively in Italian in order to enhance and reinforce the emotive and cognitive involvement of the students as they are introduced to the Italian world-view in a lively and natural manner.

Students desirous of more contact with Italian are encouraged to attend the weekly Italian Table in the designated college dining hall.

Every year our students choose to spend a semester or two in Italy under the auspices of accredited academic programs.  Among the cities that have hosted them are Rome, Florence, Siena, Padua, Perugia, Bologna, Parma and Lecce.  A number of students also opt for a January course in Italy.  Additionally, some of our students have been awarded post-graduate Fulbright teaching assistantships and scholarships for further study and/or work in Italy.