Language Lab

The Language Laboratory, located on the first floor of the Hollander Hall, is an all-digital computer lab. The lab design centers on the changing modes of student learning and remains up-to-date with format of materials available for foreign language study, as well as advancements in digital technology. The language lab accommodates individual and group study with delivery of audio and visual materials in digital format. The workspace is primarily reserved for students who wish to perfect their foreign language pronunciation, listen to passages in the original version, complete their language workbook exercises or write papers in any of the languages taught at Williams. Internet resources with educational content coexist with the more traditional media such as films, audio files and instructional CDs and DVDs. The extensive foreign language video collection has been replaced with DVDs in Sawyer Library.

Foreign language pedagogy has embraced technological developments that facilitate access to language exchange and authentic cultural matter, and the language lab is an ideal place for making connections to various types of materials that are useful for language study. At the lab, spontaneous as well as directed communication with other cultures is made possible in all the foreign languages taught at Williams.

Language Lab provides…

  • Resources for classroom instruction and independent study.
  • Information and training for use of equipment and software.
  • Support for technology-enhanced curriculum development.

Services for Language Faculty

  • To teach students how to use software programs required for their courses.
  • Assistance with integrating technology into the foreign language curriculum.
  • Digitizing and streaming of films and audio recordings for more widespread use.

Services for Language Students

  • Digital access to audio and video material required for foreign language classes.
  • Region-free DVD players, multi-system VCRs.
  • Technical support for input and browsing of non-Western languages.
  • Software programs required for language courses.
  • Digital Video Cameras for use in creating multi-media projects.

Resources for use and loan

  • International DVD and VHS players.
  • Scanners and assistance with scanning.


How to use the lab

  • Save your document frequently. Do not type for an hour without saving your document. Use a file name that you can easily remember.
  • Sign out of the machine after your work is finished.
  • Do not leave a copy of your paper on the machine after you have printed and saved it. The machines will be frequently erased and you will lose all your work. Save your work on a cloud service such as Google Drive or save it on a flash card.
  • A lab employee is on hand to guide you through your work if you need any help. If you are not familiar with any application talk to a lab employee for assistance.
  • Computers #13 and #14 are set up for PAL (region 2) movies. They could be used for European movies.

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