Mirta Suquet

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
Hollander Hall Rm 324


M.A. University of Havana (2005)
M.A. University of Santiago de Compostela (2008)
Ph.D. University of Santiago de Compostela (2016)


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

RLSP 102(S)

Elementary Spanish

RLSP 103(F)

Intensive Intermediate Spanish

RLSP 215

The Other Caribbean: Identity, Subalternity, and Resistance (19th-21st Centuries)

RLSP 227 / COMP 228 / AFR 247(S)

Afro-Caribbean Literature: Race, Gender and Identity

COMP 357 / AFR 318 / RLSP 320(F)

Disease and Identity in Latin American Narratives of Self